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Our customers already know us for our quality supply of gas regulator valves and replacement parts. We’re also your best choice for dispensing devices, safety equipment, tools, gas hoses, masks, connectors, cylinder stands, racks and carts. This is only a partial list, we can get whatever you need.

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Regulators & Valves

At Air Source Industries, we provide our customers with a variety of Gas Regulators to accommodate their needs. We supply a quality selection of regulators For Medical, Industrial and Specialty Gases, from analytical purposes, to general purposes.

Oxygen H regulator 50 psi Preset
Nitrous Oxide Regulator 50psi Preset
Inert Gas Reg. for He, N & Ar 0-125 psi adj.
Oxygen E reg. 0-15 liters for portable cyl.
Oxygen H regulator 0-15 liters
Balloon Regulator
Mylar Balloon Regulator deluxe
Liquid Nitrogen Dipper
Liquid Nitrogen Dispensing device
Liquid Nitrogen Safety Pack
Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Lid
Metal E Wrench w/clip and chain
Green plastic Tree connector
Air Source Industries conveniently provides oxygen and nitrous oxide hoses specially design for gas manifolds at medical facilities.
3ft Blue Hose for Nitrous Oxyde
3ft Green Hose for Oxygen

Air Source Industries conveniently provides high quality adults mask and cannulas specially designed for your emergency oxygen unit.

Adult Cannula with Tubing
Adult Mask with Tubing

Air source Industries Conveniently provides stands, brackets and carts to secure your cylinders and prevent from tipping, falling or rolling as require by OSHA Regulation.

Large Cylinder Stand
Small Cylinder Rack (holds six)
Large Cylinder Wall Bracket
E Size Cylinder Cart
H Cylinder Cart with Retracable Wheels