Medical Gases for Clinics

Gases for Clinics - Los Angeles and Orange County

Our experienced team can help anticipate your clinic’s needs with their extensive knowledge of utilizing medical grade nitrous oxide in a wide range of medical settings. We carry medical nitrous oxide and oxygen—two common gases found in the clinical setting—in a variety of supply options, as well as the equipment and tools used to administer the gases.

Benefits and uses of medical grade nitrous oxide:

  • Works as a gentle anesthetic that enhances patient's comfort and the effectiveness of medical procedures in your clinic and applies minimal to moderate sedation
  • Allows patients to remain fully conscious and retain his/her natural reflexes and as a result, enhances effective communication between medical physician and patient
  • Calms patient's fear of doctor visits
  • Begins working rapidly
  • Can be adjusted in various concentration
  • Can be reversed

Benefits and uses of medical grade oxygen:

  • Used for resuscitation and inhalation therapy
  • Used in various medical gas mixtures, including nitrous oxide mixtures

If you’re are a specialty clinic that uses additional medical gases—including carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen, medical air, etc.—view our complete list of gases.

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