Ocean Recovery Vest

Ocean Recovery Vests

Big Wave Surfing You may have heard about or seen big wave surfing video clips from all over the world. Surfers search out the most gnarly, and highest waves on Earth. Each elite surfer has their own reasons for chasing and riding these huge multiple story...

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Nitrogen & Carbon Dioxide for Party Kegs and Bar Taps

Air Source Industries offers high-quality food-grade gases for your business in Los Angeles and Orange County. For restaurant owners, we are your trusted partner in supplying carbon dioxide for soda and beer dispensing. We also offer carbon dioxide cylinder refills for individuals with kegerators (kegs)...

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medical oxygen cylinders

What is Medical Oxygen?

Air Source Industries started as an ambulance company and expanded to deliver medical grade oxygen to medical facilities around Los Angeles county. Today, we supply medical oxygen (USP - United States Pharmacopoeia), aviator’s breathing oxygen (ABO), and industrial oxygen all over the greater Los Angeles...

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Compressed Gas Standards and Common Hazards

At Air Source Industries, we follow the comprehensive safety requirements needed to provide you with top-quality compressed gas for your business. Air Source Industries prioritizes the safety of our customers and employees. Our team conducts ongoing safety training throughout the year. Our dedication to safety...

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Medical Oxygen for Sports and Athletic Training

Air Source Industries offers premium medical grade oxygen to the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Our medical oxygen is used by clinics, dental offices, veterinarians, laboratories, and more. One industry you may not expect to see medical oxygen is in competitive sports programs....

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