Sustainable Recycled CO2 Fuel

Did you ever take a carbon footprint test in school where you get to see how many carbon compounds your day-to-day activities emit into the atmosphere? Carbon dioxide emissions are a big culprit for global warming and engineers around the world have been working toward...

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Air Source’s 80th Anniversary

Air Source Industries has been serving the local community for 80 years! We’re excited for this milestone and want to reflect on our heritage, how we’re celebrating and our goals for the future. History The 1933 Long Beach earthquake showed there was a serious shortage of reliable...

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Switching Gas Providers

How to Easily Switch Business Gas Suppliers

Air Source Industries provides high quality medical and industrial gas delivery to the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Selecting Air Source Industries as your business gas supplier is easy. Whether your current gas delivery contract has ended, you are considering switching, or you are...

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Commercial Nitrogen in Tires

One of the lesser known uses of nitrogen is its use in commercial and personal vehicle tires. Tires are an important part of the vehicles we use for transportation and it’s critical that they’re maintained for proper safety. Nitrogen gas has different properties that make...

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Winter Athlete Snowboard

Cryogenic Gas Therapy for Athlete Recovery

February is the month of the Winter Olympics and all eyes have been on the athletes as they perform impressive feats of strength. People watching the athletes may have no idea the multiple years of training the athletes prepare for the games nor the recovery...

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