hospital medical oxygen

Types of Gases Used in Hospitals

Healthcare industry providers require an experienced and reliable partner to deliver their medical gases and related products. Air Source Industries understands the medical community’s need for product quality and cost efficiency and has been delivering it for over 70 years. Meeting the highest standards of quality,...

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How Close Are We to a Hydrogen Economy?

Hydrogen Fuel Hydrogen fuel is a zero-emission fuel burned with oxygen. When hydrogen burns in air, it produces nothing but water vapor. It is therefore a totally nonpolluting fuel. This fact has led some people to propose an energy economy based entirely on hydrogen. Hydrogen can be produced in two ways....

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Cylinder Hydrotesting

Hydrostatic Testing

Our Air Source Industries team meets and exceeds the maintenance and safety requirements to test and certify your compressed gas cylinders. When you are renting your gas cylinders from us, we provide you with cylinders that have been thoroughly tested and exchange any cylinders getting...

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Ocean Recovery Vest

Ocean Recovery Vests

Big Wave Surfing You may have heard about or seen big wave surfing video clips from all over the world. Surfers search out the most gnarly, and highest waves on Earth. Each elite surfer has their own reasons for chasing and riding these huge multiple story...

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