Medical Gases for Physicians

Medical Gases for Physicians – Los Angeles & Orange County

We carry medical nitrous oxide and medical oxygen in a variety of supply options, in addition to the equipment and tools used to administer the gases. Our extensive knowledge of utilizing nitrous oxide and oxygen in medical settings ensures you can depend on our experienced team to anticipate your needs and protect the comfort of your patients.

Doctors can enhance patient's comfort and the effectiveness of medical procedures with this gentle anesthetic that applies minimal to moderate sedation. Because nitrous oxide/oxygen is non-allergenic, it is well-tolerated among patients and can be safely used in combination with other sedative agents.

The benefits of medical grade nitrous oxide and medical grade oxygen:

  • Calms patient's fear of doctor visits
  • Enhances effective communication
  • Allows patients to remain fully conscious and retain his/her natural reflexes
  • Begins working rapidly
  • Can be adjusted in various concentration
  • Can be reversed

Medical Grade Liquid Nitrogen

In-office procedures, such as cryosurgery (or cryotherapy treatments) can be easily completed with the aid of liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is available through our Nitrogen Management Scheduling System.

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