Cylinder Rentals & Refills

Cylinder Rentals and Refills


Rental and refilling cylinders in Los Angeles and Orange County

Air Source has a huge selection of new and used cylinders ready to rent or buy. We fill/refill both rental and customer owned tanks right here in our state-of-the-art Long Beach facility.

If you like, we can handle the pick up and delivery of your cylinders, or you can bring them to us for refilling while you wait. Whether you’re looking for gas cylinder rentals, medical, food grade or industrial gas refills or simply some friendly advice, we’re the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which gases are available?
Air Source Industries offers the highest quality grades of commercial, medical, industrial and food grade gases. We also offer high purity gases and special mixes. Please visit our gas page for more information.

How does cylinder rentals work?
Once you determined which gas(es) your business needs after speaking with our gas professionals, we’ll have you fill out our cylinder rental agreement. When you complete the paperwork, you are good to go.

The majority of our customers rent their tanks on a year-to-year basis. New business customers with a place of business pay for their rentals on a monthly basis with no deposit required. For customers looking to rent a cylinder for a short period of time, we require a deposit. 

What size cylinder should I rent or buy?
The cylinder size depends on many factors including your business requirements, expected usage and type of gases needed. Our team will help you determine the gas cylinder size that meets your needs.

What happens if I have an issue with my gas cylinder?
If you encounter an unexpected issue with your cylinder rental, don’t worry. Our professional cylinder maintenance is included with your rental. Our technicians will test your tank and make any necessary repairs so you have peace of mind.

How do I refill my gas cylinder?
The easiest option is scheduling on-going gas delivery to your business. Our friendly gas specialists will deliver your medical, industrial or food-grade gases to your location in Los Angeles or Orange County. You can place your re-order in our online ordering system or by phone at 562.426.4017.

Another option is having your gas cylinder refilled at our Long Beach headquarters. We are conveniently located near the Long Beach Airport on 3976 Cherry Avenue. Simply stop by our facility and we’ll fill it for you and you’ll be on your way in no time. 

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Can Air Source Industries refill gas cylinders I own?
Yes! Please speak with our gas professionals to inspect and approve your gas cylinder for refilling.

How do I become an Air Source Industries customer?
Contact us for all your gas tank rental and refill needs in Los Angeles or Orange County.

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