Restaurant / Food Grade Gas Supplier in Los Angeles and Orange County

PURITY AND PRECISION UNDER PRESSURE: Whether you chill, freeze, carbonate, preserve or package foods and beverages using food grade gases, we have everything you need – including the proper equipment and tools.

Need to preserve your packaged foods? Our high-quality, inert gases—argon, helium, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide—preserve your packaged food without chemically changing the food, itself.

Need to freeze your foods faster? Food grade liquid nitrogen results in faster freezing and better taste in comparison to other freezing methods.

Need carbon dioxide for soda and beer production? Air Source’s food-grade carbon dioxide and fast delivery will help you get the job done right—and quickly!

Applications of food grade gases:

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) »
  • Cooling, chilling, freezing
  • Carbonation
  • Food grade nitrogen
  • Preservation
  • Beer gas delivery
  • High purity applications

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Compressed Restaurant/Food Grade Gases Tanks


Compressed air and air mixtures can be incorporated into food production lines. Different types of air can support packaging of products, ensuring food quality and preventing food contamination.

Argon is a tasteless, odorless gas that can be used to keep food fresh. It is often used in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to transport and protect food.

Carbon dioxide puts the bubbles and fizz in popular carbonated beverages including soda, sparkling wine and beer. In solid form, dry ice is used to keep food refrigerated and cool. Let us be your CO2 supplier and we’ll meet your carbon dioxide delivery needs.

Helium gas is plentiful in the Sun’s scorching atmosphere but is found only in trace amounts here on Earth. Helium is used to help preserve package foods.

Oxygen forms about 21% of our atmosphere and keeps us and our planet alive. It is one of the gases often used in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and is also used in water purification systems.

Nitrogen is ideal for chilling and freezing food for transportation or long-term storage. Food grade nitrogen is often mixed with carbon dioxide for beverage carbonation. Our nitrogen is available in both gas and liquid forms. Ask us about the ultra-high purity (UHP) grade of nitrogen.

What Customer Say

“I called Air Source Industries because I had a problem with the high purity regulators in my lab. They had the regulators I needed in stock and my lab was up and running that afternoon.”