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Healthcare industry providers require an experienced and reliable partner to deliver their medical gases and related products. Air Source understands the medical community’s drive for product quality and cost efficiency and has been delivering it for over 70 years.

Meeting the highest standards of quality, our medical-grade gases comply with California state and federal FDA regulations and follow Compressed Gas Association (CGA) safeguards and specifications. Licensed by the California Board of Pharmacy, Air Source produces and distributes premium medical-grade gases and gas mixtures to:

Everyone at Air Source is focused on providing an outstanding customer experience. Our prompt and responsive sales staff offers the expertise and guidance you need to choose the right solution. The Installation Group will handle proper tank placement, regulator installation, and bracketing. We will also audit, optimize, and calibrate your gas systems to ensure your systems are operating reliably and accurately.

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Compressed Medical Gases Tanks


Air – it’s not just about breathing any more. Compressed air is used to operate ventilators and medical equipment for surgeons or dentists. It’s also used as a balancing gas for calibration mixtures. It’s essential for gas chromatograph detectors and atomic absorption spectrophotometers to determine the elements within any medical samples.

Carbon dioxide is one of the most versatile gases around. It also has it uses in the medical field within critical care departments. It’s typically transported in liquid form in one of our high pressure cylinders. When you work with us as your CO2 supplier, this vital gas will be readily available, delivered on time and always at a fair price.

Helium gas is a small part of the air we breathe in on a daily basis. It’s a natural occurring gas that is also supplied to medical doctors and stored in high pressure cylinders. Its best known for its use in respiratory therapy, like hyperbaric therapy, for patients with low oxygen levels or air bubbles in their bloodstream.

Nitrous oxide is a natural occurring gas used in many different ways. Medical grade nitrous oxide is used by surgeons and dentists for its anesthetic and analgesic effects. It is stored in our medical grade tanks and is non-combustible.

Oxygen forms about 21% of our atmosphere and keeps us and our planet alive. Its use in medicine saves lives, by using it as a basis for anesthetics, to aid in resuscitation and as a respiratory aid in various patients.

Medical grade nitrogen is a resourceful gas in the field and is an Ultra High Purity (UHP) gas at 99.9%. Its non-flammable state is best used for cooling and storing pharmaceuticals, as a blanketing agent and to freeze biological materials.

What Customer Say

"I have been in the cryotherapy business for several years now and getting nitrogen from a good reliable sources has ALWAYS been a big hurdle. Especially when traveling on the road.  I was on my way to L.A. with my mobile unit to provide cryotherapy services, desperate for a nitrogen delivery. After several calls and unsuccessful attempts to obtain nitrogen from other suppliers in the Southern California area I finally connect with Daisy Colon at Air Source. Daisy was AMAZING!!! Within 24 hours I had exactly what I needed and delivered to my hotel and they were willing to work with our crazy schedule that is all over the place with regards to timing. To top it off it was THE best equipment I have ever worked with. The driver was very pleasant as well. I could not be happier with the services provided by Daisy and her team at Air Source. There is no question about it, next time we are in LA for an event we will be reaching out to Daisy at Air Source for our Nitrogen needs. THANK YOU!!!!"

“Everything went sooooooo smoothly. Thank you so very much for EVERYTHING!!! The driver found us without difficulty, and got everything unloaded and into the storage area very quickly & neatly. It truly was an easy, easy experience. Thank everyone involved for us, and we will definitely be in touch as soon as we need refills!”

“We have enjoyed flawless quality and service from Air Source Industries for over 25 years. They have always been prompt with our deliveries. Even our last minute special delivery demands are met without a hitch.”

“I called Air Source Industries because we seemed to be using a large amount of oxygen during our surgeries. They came to our office and found an oxygen leak in our surgery room and repaired it. Thanks a lot Air Source Industries!”

“We are a home care company and sometimes need our customer-owned cylinders filled on the same or next day and delivered back to us. Air Source has performed this for us countless times.”

“When I call, I always get a live, knowledgeable person to take my order.”

“I have opened a few accounts with AirSource through other surgery centers and I would like to thank you all for always providing fast service and professionalism.”

"Thank you Daisy, I was expecting it (oxygen cylinders) delivered Monday. :) That's a nice surprise to have it delivered today."

"Thank you so much for all of your help and advice!  My husband will be down tomorrow to pick up the 2 tanks. You are an excellent customer service representative - a great resource for me!  Thanks again!"

"Have been extremely satisfied with Air Source. Yes, I am aware I can have my needs met elsewhere, but why? Excellent service, commitment, consistency, user friendly, always go above and beyond. I would recommend others to you."

"My nurse anesthetist, just said that she is so happy to have a seamless relationship with your company. There is never a back order. No back talk, always pleasant and reliable and accommodating. I just though to let you know! Love you!❤️"

"A couple of months back you were able to assist me with starting a contract for my clinic. I took the pleasure of letting Alicia know about your excellent customer service and I am referring her to you so that she may obtain your services as well."

"Thank you so much, Daisy. I always appreciate how easy you are to work with! Hope you have a productive week."

"I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you and your company for the outstanding support they showed Military Sealift Command by being honest, fair, and agile during a time of crisis. It’s partnerships like this that make our nation successful."