"Air Source’s service and response is amazing, and you have the best pricing. The cost of your delivery is the lowest, the delivery is the quickest and the bottle rent is the lowest. Just the best value. Also, (most important to me); every time I call Air Source, my call is answered by a real person, who is knowledgeable and efficient. Who else does that?”

"Air Source Industries did a complete assessment of my gases. They looked at my uses and determined that I did not need the bulk system I had in place and could be more efficient by going to smaller liquid containers. That saved me a lot of money on my facility fee. Now, when my needs change I can change my order sizes with just a phone call.”

“Our delivery went as smooth as silk. The driver was courteous and put the cylinders in the right spot. Thank you for your help and great prices.”

“I’ve been using Air Source Industries for the past 10 years and have enjoyed working with the same people in their customer service during the entire 10 years.”

“I bring my own cylinders in to Air Source Industries to be filled while I wait. I’m always impressed by the cleanliness of the facility and the friendliness of the employees”.

 "Good afternoon Daisy, I received the cylinder carts today. Thank you for your excellent customer service."

"Thank you! You and your team is amazing!"