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Special Effects Using Cryogenic Gases

We’ve all heard about athletics using the body cooling cryogenic therapy after a grueling competition to maximize their recovery time. Temperatures get as cold as minus 110 degrees Celsius and can get extremely colder when used for other applications. One of the little known uses of cryo gases is for special effects like smoke, fog and mist. It’s the season for special effects with Halloween around the corner.

Halloween is a holiday where everyone enjoys letting loose, dressing up and experiencing chilling haunted houses and parties. There’s always spooky decorations and special effects that tie the whole thing together to create a scary, fun event. We’ll share how you can utilize cryogenics for the best Halloween party ever!


Fog Machines & Crawling Mist

Fog machines are very popular when it comes to ghostly Halloween effects and can give your party the extra boost it needs to liven up the crowd. Here at Air Source Industries, we carry a supply of cryogenic gases that can be used for the “theatrical smoke” effect you’re looking for.

cryo jet concert smokeIf you are contemplating adding scary fog to your Halloween event, keep in mind that cryogenic gas should only be used with a specific type of fog machine that can withstand extremely low temperatures and high pressures. Because cryo gases go beyond refrigeration temperatures, using a standard fog machine will not work and will end up freezing it instantly. Always read the manual, follow the machine instructions carefully and be knowledgeable on how to safely handle cryogenic gases.

Cryogenics have been a rising star in the horror industry including being used for blockbuster movie special effects. You can get a similar level of spooky fog at your house or scary haunted maze with cryo gases. You can use a low ground cryo fog machine to create a fog “blanket” over the ground to give the illusion of objects floating over “clouds of smoke”. Adding special effects to your event can make it more realistic and gives monsters an opportunity to linger within the fog unnoticeably to scare the living nightmares out of your guests.

Cryo jets allow you to create your own special effects and can crank up a Halloween party quite nicely. They are shaped like narrow cannons that spew fog vertically at a fast rate. Cryo jets are commonly used at nightclubs and football games, but can be a cool surprise for a big Halloween bash! It also helps cool down your guests while they’re dancing the night away on the dance floor. Trust us, your guests will appreciate the cool air and it’s a great way to keep the party going long into the witching hour.



Cryogenic gases for special effects is growing in popularity and are being utilized to bring movies, parties and other events to life. They add something extra to concerts and set the the terrifying mood in a horror movie. Cryo gases have many uses and getting the right quality gas and equipment is essential in providing you with the best effects to give your guests an extra element of surprise.

Air Source Industries provides high quality compressed and liquid carbon dioxide gases for your Halloween needs. If you’re a local business in the events or entertainment industries in need of ongoing cryogenic gas delivery, call our experts at (562) 426-4017 or get a gas delivery quote online today.